Dog Sitting

Dog friendly…Bringing your dogs on holiday couldn’t be easier.

We have a dog ourselves and would love you to bring your dogs with you, to share in the enjoyment of your holiday.

We know dogs are members of your family so don’t expect you to pay extra for them – so dogs are FREE OF CHARGE.

We have an outside kennel within the cottage gardens and dogs can be left there if you wish to go out without them (although you will find almost everywhere is dog friendly). If you would like to leave your dog in the kennel, we are happy to monitor your dog and we will get in contact if they are not settled.

The cottage gardens are fenced (fencing is 3ft bank with a further 3 ft of fencing. The entrance to the garden is a 5 bar farm gate, with chicken wire to stop dogs going through the gate. There is about a 3 inch gap under the gate to allow the gate to open freely. All our fields are well fenced (as sheep are incredible escape artists). When you arrive, we will show you which field is available for off lead fun with your dog (it rotates around depending on where are livestock are).